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About Us

About Us
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Hi my name is Jenny and I have been involved in this wonderful breed since 1987. It was my birthday and my boyfriend Mark wanted to buy me a dog. I wanted a Bull Terrier, so I looked in the paper and saw an advertisement for Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I thought that must have been a fancy name for Bull Terriers, so we went for a drive and had a look. Well these were much better looking than the other Bull Terriers, (no offence to bullie owners I still like them). So we came home with Max (Ch Bridgstaff Big Boofer). I didn't start showing until Max was about 18 months, but at his first show,(open Parade) he won intermediate in group. I was hooked after that, but I discovered that Champ Shows were a whole different thing. Anyway we kept going and we eventually got Max titled and things just kept going from there. I am usually at a dog show every weekend, all over Victoria and I have a great time with great friends.We all have to start somewhere and I knew absolutely nothing about the breed, (some people might think I still don't LOL) but it changed my life and I am so glad I went to that Open Parade all those years ago.

Good Luck with your dogs.